Cut Paper Masqueraders! I can’t sew, so I’ll just make paper costumes.

I will make detail posts of each soon!


And a bonus one: Maria Kesselman in Twisted Every Way ( X )



From Layla Harrison’s Instagram!

BTW, in the comments on the picture that she’s sometimes a Christine double and wears a blonde wig for that track when Emmi as a blonde Christine is on. It’s a lighter color than her Meg one.


A quick doodle of one of my all time favourite Christines, Harriet Jones, in her wishing dress (please view full size, I had to shrink it a lot for tumblr).


In honour of the cast I’ll most likely see on Wednesday and Thursday in Hamburg - Mathias Edenborn, Lauri Brons, Nicky Wuchinger and Rachel Anne Moore (though none a 100% confirmed yet).