some of the production photos for the 14/15 cast
taken from the official website

life has killed the dream
I dreamed

musical theatre female character meme: A tragic female character in a musical
» Éponine Thénardier (Les Misérables)

a supporting female character in a musical
FANTINE (Les Misérables)


David Thaxton as Javert

thanks to mrs-javert on twitter (x) (x)


Just in case you weren’t sure just how much faffing I can achieve when it comes to this show, out of faffing amusement I tested the little little Ginger memory and tried to place as many Amis and etc as I could in this OLC rehearsal shot of Javert (Roger Allam) at the Barricade the Les Mis twitter posted earlier. I’m 75% sure about Colin Marsh, but everyone else, I think I’ve got down correctly, wheeeee.

you’re no grander than the rest of us


Michael Ball as Marius Pontmercy in the original London cast of “Les Misérables” (1985)

Lisa-Anne Wood as Cosette, for anon.

1) Craig Mather and Alfie Boe
2) Craig Mather
3) Craig Mather & Ramin Karimloo
4) 2011-12 cast
5&6) Ramin Karimloo