Leila Benn Harris and Michael Xavier

From London 2007 brochure with Earl Carpenter, Leila Benn Harris/Robyn North and Michael Xavier. Production photographs by Clive Barda.

Scanned and edited by Elo


Favorite West End Brochure Pics, Horizontal Edition

For anon.

I didn’t realize until I put it together, how many of my favorite pictures are of Sofia Escobar in the Final Lair. 


Favorite Phantom Performers: Leila Benn Harris!

I have lots of favorite Christines but none resonate so much in my heart as Leila Benn Harris and Elizabeth Loyacano do. I’m really sad that she kinda fell off the radar, but her voice is seriously one of the most unique and gorgeous ones I’ve ever heard and I loved her portrayal.


Ralf Brinkhoff photographed the Ramin Karimloo / Robyn North/Leila Benn Harris / Alex Rathgeber cast in West End 2007. There are a LOT of photos in his company website that never made it to the brochure. I would love to see several of them in larger sizes. 

The majority of the photos seems to be of Robyn North, But the large boat photo is definitely of Leila Benn Harris. 


Earl Carpenter and Leila Benn Harris on a poster for the West End production of "The Phantom of the Opera"
(now confirmed by Earl himself)


Leila Benn Harris and Geronimo Rauch live on BBC Concert Orchestra 

Friday Night is Fright Night 


Sing once again with me our strange duet