Favorite Phantom Performers: Sofia Escobar!

For heaven-by-the-sea.


New West End Brochure Part II.

As with the Mirror shot in Part I, I’ve stitched the double page spreads together as seamlessly as I can. Couldn’t get the M in Masquerade to line up for the life of me, though. :/


New West End brochure Part I.

I’ve done the best I can with these. Unfortunately my photo editing software is limited, but the scanner was on its highest resolution. I just couldn’t get rid of the interference on the shot of Madame Giry and Monsieur LeFevre no matter how I tried - sorry!

Sadly, the Elissa photo of Harriet and the new Il Muto shot are both absent from the brochure. Harriet gets three small pics while Olivia has the alternate’s usual Aminta shot.


Gerónimo Rauch and Sofia Escobar in “Phantom of the Opera” (x)