Favorite West End Brochure Pics, Horizontal Edition

For anon.

I didn’t realize until I put it together, how many of my favorite pictures are of Sofia Escobar in the Final Lair. 


Favorite Phantom Performers: Sofia Escobar!

For heaven-by-the-sea.


New West End Brochure Part II.

As with the Mirror shot in Part I, I’ve stitched the double page spreads together as seamlessly as I can. Couldn’t get the M in Masquerade to line up for the life of me, though. :/


New West End brochure Part I.

I’ve done the best I can with these. Unfortunately my photo editing software is limited, but the scanner was on its highest resolution. I just couldn’t get rid of the interference on the shot of Madame Giry and Monsieur LeFevre no matter how I tried - sorry!

Sadly, the Elissa photo of Harriet and the new Il Muto shot are both absent from the brochure. Harriet gets three small pics while Olivia has the alternate’s usual Aminta shot.