Favourite POTO cast combos 9/10: 

Earl Carpenter, Rachel Barrell, Oliver Thornton, 
West End 2004-05. 

the most heartbreaking kiss in Phantom’s history in its entirety


Rachel Barrell & Oliver Thorton - Think Of Me

London; December 8, 2004

Another amazing Christine! Though I doubt this’ll get as many notes as Gina Beck, but here is a wonderful recording of my favorite Christine, Rachel Barrell, singing Think Of Me. Her voice is absolutely flawless, I’ve not heard high notes sung as easily as she does them. Absolutely brilliant. She’s a brilliant actress in the role too! :) I love her <3<3

John Owen-Jones and Rachel Barrell - Music of the Night


Favorite Phantom Performers: Rachel Barrell!

For anon.


Phantom of the Opera Final Lair—Earl Carpenter, Rachel Barrel, David Shannon

This video belongs to changeyourstarts23 on youtube. I’m just sharing it.