The Phantom of the Opera performing ‘Masquerade’ at the 2014 Olivier Awards.

“The Christine hate needs to stop. It is sends a horrible message to attack a woman who refuses to stay with her abuser. It is not healthy. If you consider Christine’s relationship with Erik to be ideal, I strongly suggest that you examine that in yourself. I’ve seen too many girls who considered Erik to be the “perfect boyfriend,” and then sought out partners who turned out to be emotionally and physically abusive. Erik is an absolutely fascinating character, that is undeniable, but he is not someone to model a potential partner on.” — In which fdelopera eloquently shuts down Christine haters. (x)


Harriet Jones - ‘Think of Me’ (with Sean Palmer as Raoul)
January 2, 2014; London
Picture courtesy of Operafantomet (as is the audio!)

Notes: The audio “hangs” a bit right at the beginning of the cadenza unfortunately, but other than that there shouldn’t be any problems.


Claire Moore, Christine in West End: 

Original Christine alternate 1986-87, 
Principal Christine 1987-89, 
Alternate 1994-95.