John Owen-Jones performing the Title Song at The Golden Mask Awards at Bolshoi Theatre.


top 10 favorite christines (as voted by my followers)

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Favourite photo from The Golden Mask Awards.

Tamara is so beautiful.

London: John Owen-Jones & Anna O’Byrne
Moscow: Dmitri Ermak (right?) & Tamara Kotova
Hamburg: David Arnsperger & Lauri Brons

annaohbyrne asked: christine or cosette?


Favorite West End Brochure Pics, Horizontal Edition

For anon.

I didn’t realize until I put it together, how many of my favorite pictures are of Sofia Escobar in the Final Lair. 

Some of you may recall the strange affair of the Phantom of the Opera: a mystery never fully explained.

Anna O’ Byrne backstage at the Bolshoi Theatre.