I’ll try to write a short fanfic, I said.

Just a short one-shot, set after the one I wrote a few months ago, I said.

I mean, at least I’ll be writing something, even if I can’t work on my novel, I said.

8.5K later, barely halfway through. Whoops?

Hurrah, I have finished these squares.

By which I mean I’ve finished crocheting them. I now need to sew in the ends on a whole pile of them, which is my least favourite job ever and will probably take the rest of the day and even some of tomorrow.

But I finished the squares! (sort of.)


Michael Ball as Marius Pontmercy in the original London cast of “Les Misérables” (1985)

Anonymous: I don't know if you mean physical support but I'm sure there are plenty of people around (your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc) that would love to be there for you. I hope you feel better soon because you deserve it 

Thank you, anon.

The one person who I know will completely understand what I’m feeling, I’m seeing on Saturday. She’s one of my best friends, my honorary big sister, and she…will understand exactly what I’m feeling and going through, more than anyone else, because she’s had similar experiences. She’s a carer too. And it’s as a carer (an ill one, at that) that I’m feeling unsupported.

Thank you for your kind message.

If the possibility of a redemption curve came up for Ward, how would the rest of the team react?

crying sobbing emotional wreck because HOBBIT and THORIN and awaelskfshios how am I meant to SURVIVE IT?!

“Bard: “You will have peace or war.”
Thorin, looking possibly insane: “I will have war.”” — botfa (via so-falls-snow-after-fire)

Anonymous: hello :) I know you've been going through a lot lately and I hope you're feeling better 

Thank you, anon. I’m feeling a little better mentally, although it’s too damn hot right now and my temperature control is abysmal, so basically I’m melting! And physically, we’re working on getting more help in for both me and Mum, so keeping my fingers crossed that in a month’s time things won’t feel so awful.

This time next week I’ll be in London watching The Crucible. Oh yes.