Hi, my name is Sparks, and sometimes I like to think I can make graphics but really I’m a useless lump who can’t do anything *bashes brains out against brick wall*

Having (temporarily) run out of yarn for Laura’s blanket-to-be (more will be arriving in the next couple of days), today I used up some stash yarn to make a tea cosy, which my mother has been requesting for quite some time.

Oranges, yellows, and a dark red. Our kitchen is yellow, so I figure it works :D very bright and cheerful. The pattern was incredibly easy, and took almost no time at all, apart from that pesky business of sewing in ends!


life would be 99% better if the lord of the rings soundtrack played in the background



Favourite photo from The Golden Mask Awards.

Tamara is so beautiful.

London: John Owen-Jones & Anna O’Byrne
Moscow: Dmitri Ermak (right?) & Tamara Kotova
Hamburg: David Arnsperger & Lauri Brons

annaohbyrne asked: christine or cosette?

Anonymous: brazilian christines? 

There you go, anon - Kiara Sasso for you :)


Favorite West End Brochure Pics, Horizontal Edition

For anon.

I didn’t realize until I put it together, how many of my favorite pictures are of Sofia Escobar in the Final Lair.